Camera system for forklift trucks: Safety system prevents accidents between people and forklift trucks when reversing.

Customer options:
The Blaxtair camera warning system is a special, custom design rather than a standard solution. It may not be available for every truck type or in every sales region. Your sales consultant or regional service manager will be happy to advise you on current safety and assistance systems.

Blaxtair warning system:
This 3D reversing camera system, which is unique on the market, helps to prevent collisions between forklift trucks and pedestrians. It detects people around the vehicle and can use artificial intelligence to differentiate between them and other obstacles.

The Blaxtair safety system has been successfully implemented in STILL forklift trucks since 2019. It is the only 3D reversing camera system on the market that can detect people in the surrounding areas of the trucks and differentiate between them and obstacles. The image processing uses artificial intelligence to compare the recorded images via special algorithms. If there is a risk of collision with a person, an alarm is triggered immediately and the driving speed is reduced to creep speed.

The components of the reversing camera

The Blaxtair reversing safety system comprises a 3D sensor head, the calculator unit, an LCD screen and an optoacoustic alarm. When reversing, the 3D sensor head monitors the area around the STILL trucks. The shape of every detected object is checked. If there is a person within the risk area, an alarm is triggered immediately – but not if they are outside this area. The driver is only warned when necessary, thus preventing a decrease in productivity caused by false alarms. The 3D camera detects not only the shape of the object, but also the size and position in relation to the STILL forklift trucks. The resulting images are compared using special algorithms with the aid of artificial intelligence in the calculator unit.

Functionality of the reversing safety system

Blaxtair is a warning system which aims to prevent collisions between STILL forklifts and pedestrians. If a person is located in the risk zone around a vehicle, the driver will be immediately alerted through a visual and acoustic alarm. In addition, the speed of the forklift truck is automatically reduced to creep speed in the event of an impending collision. The size and shape of the risk zone is specifically tailored to the type of forklift and the on-site safety requirements. The necessary settings can be configured during the commissioning by STILL using a simple user interface. No further settings are generally required.


The 3D reversing camera system from Blaxtair can be adapted for every type of STILL forklift truck. It can drastically reduce accidents and near-misses – this results in a significant decrease in stress for drivers and pedestrians. The additional manoeuvring support also enables an increase in productivity.